Setting up Echolink

Installing and configuring the channel driver(Edit)

Allowing Echolink on the VKLink node system is as simple as installing a Channel Driver. You do NOT need to try and install echolink software alongside the VK Link software.

To get the Echolink Channel, run the Main Setup Menu.

  1. Goto Additional Modules.
  2. Download chan_echolink. If you already have a configuration file for chan_echolink, choose Upgrade chan_echolink
  3. Edit echolink.conf:

confmode=no		   		; Conference Mode
call=VK3SMB-R				; Change this to your 
					; echolink callsign including the -r or -l
pwd=xxxxx				; Change this to your echolink password!
name=VK Repeater Link Node 1999		; Change this to your real name!
qth=Rutherglen Victoria 		; Change this to your actual QTH! 		; Change this!
maxstns=5				; max stations allowed
rtcptimeout=10				; rtcp timeout
node=123456 				; Change this to your echolink node mumber
vknode=1999 				; Change this to your active VK Link node number!
context=radio-secure			; extension in extensions.conf		; echolink servers
freq=438.975				; Freq in MHz
tone=123.0 				; CTCSS Tone (0 for none)
lat=-36.059500 				; Latitude in decimal degrees
lon=-146.459375 			; Longitude in decimal degrees
power=4  				; 0=0W, 1=1W, 2=4W,  3=9W, 4=16W, 5=25W, 6=36W,
					; 7=49W,  8=64W,  9=81W  (Power in Watts)
height=1 				; 0=10' ,1=20',2=40',3=80' ,4=160' ,5=320' ,6=640'
					; ,7=1280',8=2560',9=5120' (AMSL in Feet)
gain=9 					; Gain in db (0-9)
dir=0 					; 0=omni, 1=45deg, 2=90deg, 3=135deg, 4=180deg, 
					; 5=225deg, 6=270deg, 7=315deg, 8=360deg (Direction)

You will now need to save and exit the editor (ctrl-x, y, enter).

Now go into Enter Echolink Information. Answer these questions as they tell the world about your node via the status page.

Check that the module is enabled:

  1. Go into Edit modules.conf and scan through the file for a line that says
  2. And Change it t
  3. Exit and save the file

Exit the menu system and restart the node via the command:

service asterisk stop

The echolink channel should now be running.

Forwarding ports(Edit)

As per the documentation on the [], you need to open two udp ports to your node. Forward port 5198 and 5199 UDP to your vklink node.

Setting Levels(Edit)

The default levels seem to be pretty good. However to change these you need to edit the rpt.conf file (In advanced options in the Main Setup Menu).

Add these two lines under your VK Link node number square brackets

erxgain=-3.0      ; defaults to -3.0 db
etxgain=3.0       ; defaults to 3.0 db.

Exit and save the file.

Setting the announce mode(Edit)

By default the Announcement on the node system is the echolink node number with a preceding 3. This can be changed to do this, Say the Callsign or say both.

Edit the rpt.conf file, and add the following line:



  1. is node number
  2. is node callsign
  3. is both

Make the changes accordingly to what you want and restart the system.

Using the driver(Edit)

The Commands page has the commands listed to connect to an echolink node from the VK Link node.

For the PC user or true echolink node user, nothing changes connecting to your node.

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